“In my decade of work at Samford, I have been blessed by Reid Chapel and its contribution to sacred space on campus. Hosting nearly 350 events annually, the chapel provides a hospitable environment for worship services, music recitals, solemn academic ceremonies, preaching classes and weddings. Refurbishing and improving this space remains a priority for the university as we protect the chapel’s architectural distinction and upgrade it for contemporary use. Your support ensures that this beautiful space will remain a welcoming and sacred space for generations to come.”Matthew Kerlin

Beauty is found on Samford’s nationally recognized campus. It’s in the architecture of our traditional brick buildings and our modern learning spaces. Most importantly, it’s in the hearts and minds of our community members. Samford’s academic environment inspires us to be our best selves and empowers our pursuit of excellence.

The Need

While our campus is beautiful and functional, many of our facilities are in their seventh decade; they need upgrading and renovation. We are building innovative new spaces to house relevant academic programs that will prepare Samford students to serve where they are most needed. We are also creating new gathering spaces where both campus and community can come together to share ideas and inspiration.