Welcome from the Vice Provost

Welcome to the College of Health Sciences at Samford University. These are exciting days, filled with enthusiasm, hard work and new growth for our faculty, our staff and, of course, our students. The launch of the College of Health Sciences was the culmination of years of planning, as well as the incredible devotion and effort of countless people. For people called to the health care profession, the opportunities you will find here are unprecedented in our history. The College of Health Sciences is made up of four schools: the Ida Moffett School of Nursing, the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, the School of Health Professions and the School of Public Health.

We have designed the college to extend the mission of Samford University to new places and new people, both in the U.S. and around the world. This year, we have more than 30 health-related degrees divided between undergraduate and graduate programs. To meet the increasing demand for health professionals, we are adding, in the coming months and years, new majors, new graduate degrees and new outreach programs.

Because the college is new, we are unrestricted by old models. We have embraced this freedom to be innovative and built our entire system around the needs of the health care industry. More and more, teams of health care experts, with professionals from many different disciplines, collaborate to provide better patient outcomes. In our college, students from every school will study, work and conduct research with students from other programs in a new inter-disciplinary model. The result is our graduates are more prepared to play an effective role in caregiving.

As part of the college, we have also created the Center for Faith and Health. The center is where we put our academic programs and Christian faith into practice caring for people at home and around the world. From health-related ministries and missions led by faculty and students to programs administered by each of our four schools — the center is the practical application of all that we know and all that we are continually learning.The center includes projects such as Congregational Health, Faith Community Nursing, the Mobile Medical Van, Sowing Seeds of Hope™ and other programs offered by the School of Pharmacy in Marion and throughout Alabama’s Black Belt.

The Healthcare Law and Ethics Institute (HEAL) is also housed in the center. The Center for Faith and Health provides a model for interprofessional practice, scholarship and service that focuses on issues of faith, health, end of life and ethics. The center strengthens the college’s focus on missions, ministry and servant leadership both locally and globally.

If you are called to care for others, there are more opportunities here than you can imagine. I invite you to come explore all of the possibilities. In the College of Health Sciences, the future is both exciting and powerful. Our graduates are finding an amazing number of opportunities, allowing them to follow their own passion for caring into careers they never dreamed possible. I encourage you to explore our site and see the stories of our graduates and the amazing success they are finding. Their stories are inspiring.

In the coming years, we will add more than 20 new degrees, in both our graduate and undergraduate programs. We will add new clinical programs, new research initiatives and, equally important, add new programs to the Center for Faith and Health. If you are called to the health care profession, you just may find the path to answer that call here.


Nena Sanders, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
Vice Provost, College of Health Sciences
Samford University