Published on August 10, 2015  

As the members of our faculty and staff in the Brock School of Business will attest, we’ve begun to take complete occupancy of their new home.  Even as we prepare for classes to begin in the new facility next week, this message from Dr. Lowell Broom of our accounting faculty is a reminder that, despite the beauty of the new building, it is what happens inside the building that counts:

I have just been notified by the Executive Director of the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy that for at least the past year, Samford University graduates had the highest first time pass rate on the CPA Exam of any university in the State of Alabama. That is, of candidates sitting for a given part of the CPA Exam (there are four separate parts) for the first time, Samford students passed that part on their first attempt at a higher rate than any other university’s graduates in the State of Alabama. That passing rate also far exceeds the national average. 

The world is better because of the teaching and learning environment at Samford.