Published on June 1, 2015  

A few days after commencement weekend I received a letter from the father of two Samford graduates.  One of the students graduated this May.  Pleased with the experiences of his students, he chose—through the lens of a parent—to provide five answers to the question, “Why Samford?”  Here they are:


  1. So many classes are taught by full professors.
  2. Tremendous opportunities for international studies.
  3. “No co-ed dorms.”
  4. The requirement of a senior thesis.
  5. “Most importantly, Samford has maintained a biblical world view in an intellectually rigorous environment.” 


This dad also took the time to highlight a few of the people who contributed to the success of his Samford graduates:  Larry Davenport, Dave and Robin Johnson, and Julie Steward. 

The world is better, according to this thoughtful father, because of at least five reasons, all of them found at Samford.