Published on March 9, 2015  

Jeanna and I joined with hundreds of friends of Dr. Gene Black on Saturday morning for a service at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, in celebration of his life with us and his new life in a place far beyond our comprehension.  Dr. Black served as a member of Samford’s music faculty for 35 years, becoming Dean of the School of Music in 1980.  He retired in 2000.  The music for the service, offered by former members of our A Cappella Choir, was heavenly.  Dr. Black was a primary actor in shaping the legendary A Cappella Choir, but the influence of Dr. and Mrs. Black on the men and women who sang and spoke on Saturday morning transcends the development of a program, school, or university.  It was his soul, I think, that pointed thousands of young people to Christ.  Along the way, they found their competence, their calling, their profession, their voice.   

The world is better because of Gene Black.  We shall see him again.