Published on November 23, 2015 at 8 a.m.  

Who says that Samford isn’t bowl eligible?  Not the judges for the Southeastern Ethics Bowl championship, held earlier this month in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The Bulldogs defeated the Midshipmen of the U. S. Naval Academy in the championship match.  They’ll move on to the national championship round, scheduled for February in Reston, Virginia.  Led by team captain Caleb Punt (given the abundance of football clichés in this piece, I’ll resist the temptation to offer additional commentary on Caleb’s last name), the Samford squad includes Bailey Bridgeman, Stone Hendrickson, Jordan Holland, Laura Ann Prickett and Elizabeth Poulos.  They are coached by two all-stars, Wilton Bunch and Michael Janas.  To read additional details, go to

The world is better because of Samford’s game-winning students and coaches (in athletics and in other significant areas of campus life).