Published on February 29, 2016  

Last Saturday, I took three of our cadets from Lyman Ward Military Academy, a boarding school in Camp Hill, Alabama, where I serve as Academic Dean, to the Samford vs. VMI basketball game.  As a 1975 Samford graduate, I was anxious to show them my alma mater.  We decided to tour the campus after the game, and we met two of your freshmen—Summer Bennison and Jack Biedermann. 

Summer and Jack invited us to eat with them in the Cafeteria, which we did, and to take us on a walking tour.  I was anxious to see the new Business Building (it has the "wow" factor), and we made the loop around the Quad.  My three cadets were enthralled by the whole experience, and one of them, who is a junior, plans to apply to Samford.   He is interested in journalism, which happens to be the major for both Summer and Jack.

Bottom line:  Two Samford freshmen took time out of their schedule on a late Saturday afternoon to show hospitality to four visitors.  They made an indelibly positive impression on me, and especially on my three students.

The Admissions Office should hire Summer and Jack for internships.  (And the world is better because of Summer and Jack!)

The world is better because Samford people, including Summer and Jack, put aside their own priorities to look out for the needs of those around them.