Published on March 7, 2016  

Directed by Dr. Jason Wallace, the program also features a two-week study/travel component in London, available each summer to a small group of rising sophomores.  These immersion experiences have been well received by the participants.  In fact, one of the students to participate in the first summer program in 2014 (in her first trip outside the United States) recently voiced this endorsement:

      "The trip gave me the ability to travel out of my comfort zone.  I am now going back to England for a third time this summer.  I went last summer and worked alongside a church planter.  We worked in a local school and it was wonderful to build relationships with the students.  I made lasting relationships last summer with the people I came in contact with.  This upcoming trip will be more meaningful due to the fact that I get to see my friends again."

The world is better because of lessons learned and experiences gained through the Core Text Program.