Published on December 4, 2017  

Finnie and Betty are sisters and they’ve been members of the Wright Center staff for many, many years.  And as great as they are with helping adult patrons to find their seats, Finnie and Betty are at their best when guiding thousands of school children to get off their buses and move safely into the Wright Center for special performances.  As Kenny Gannon, Director of Performance Venues, has said, “They treat all our patrons like royalty.”  In my own case, one commencement day as I was literally running down a side aisle of the Wright Center before the building opened and tripped on my academic robe, I landed flat on the floor with my cap, notebook—and bling!—flying in all directions.  They were beside me in a heartbeat, dusting me off and helping me to laugh off the embarrassment. 

Finnie has had serious health problems in recent days and she’s in one of our local hospitals.  Betty has been constantly by her side.  And yet, last Friday evening, with the Wright Center filled with guests for a performance by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Betty was there.  Except for those friends who knew the challenges faced by Finnie and Betty right now, those Betty assisted saw only the face of kindness and competence that they’ve seen every time they’ve visited the Wright Center. 

The world is better because of Finnie Scott and Betty Hart.  I’m honored to know them.