Published on January 23, 2017  

It is the first semester of my tenure here in which a dear friend is not among us.  Governor Albert Brewer, long associated with Samford through the Cumberland School of Law, the creation of the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, and the Samford Board of Trustees, died a few days ago.  He served as the co-chair of the search committee in 2005 and 2006 as Samford sought a new president, and without his influence, I doubt that my family would be at Samford today.  Take a moment to read the list of Samford’s core values noted below.  Governor Brewer exemplified each of them.  He represented the very best of Samford University. 

I have realized over the past ten years that the phrase, “without Governor Brewer,” ends for many of us with a description of how our lives were made better.  Surely, in eternity, we will see that bright smile again.

The world is better because of Albert Brewer.