Published on July 17, 2017  

 (No, we are not new; we were helping new presidents and spouses!)  As I was buying the requisite Diet Coke for Jeanna in the Jackson Hole airport, I glanced nearby and saw Claire Goodson  and her parents.  Claire earned her undergraduate degree at Samford two years ago and completed work on her MBA in May.  Claire and her mom and dad were wrapping up a family trip before she begins her brand new job this week.  There are two points to this story:  a) you run into Samford people wherever you go and b) our graduates are getting great jobs.  By the way, the Goodson family had wonderful things to say about Claire’s entire Samford experience, especially our outstanding program in track and field sports, where Claire excelled.

The world is better because of the good work of Samford people.