Published on June 12, 2017  

Last Tuesday, while the rain was pouring outside, I sat at breakfast in the Caf with a group of parents, including a husband and wife from Wisconsin.  Their son will enroll this fall.  I asked the inevitable questions about the paths that led them to Samford and they described their son’s college selection process, which—of course—began with an Internet search.  Their son was interested in a Christ-centered university with a strong undergraduate program in business.  He also wanted to attend a university with D-1 athletics.  A few other preferences helped to narrow his list and, before long, the family discovered Samford.  A campus visit clinched the deal.  Although he will be a long way from home, the young man’s parents believe that their son made a very wise choice. 

The world is better because Samford is a quality university, small enough to build meaningful relationships, large enough to offer a wide array of outstanding programs, and infused with the hope found only in Christ.

(By the way, thanks to each of you for helping to welcome our new students and their families and to create memorable, positive experiences for them during these important days.  Each act of kindness has a lasting impact.)