Published on October 16, 2017  

 It was a quick trip, packed with dozens of experiences.  Arriving on Friday, the team members were first hosted at a ministry called Pasitos de Jésus, a home operated by Dalma Florian for almost 40 young girls, where our students told their stories of accepting Christ and marveled, as Coach Dunn says, at “the pure joy and happiness” of the young girls.  On Saturday morning our students worked with 200 boys at a youth sports clinic, then played a game against Santa Fe, a Dominican minor league team, achieving a 3-0 victory.  Throughout the day, our team members shared their faith and their love of baseball with those they encountered.  After attending church on Sunday (all speaking and singing in Spanish), our students played another game—against team members ranging in age from 14 to 45 years old.  (Coach Dunn hasn’t mentioned the score of that game!)  On Monday and Tuesday the students played baseball with other groups, told their stories to everyone they encountered, bought and distributed groceries for 32 families, spent time at an orphanage for boys . . . and helped to change lives, even as their own lives were being changed.    

The world is better because of Casey Dunn and the Samford baseball team.