Published on April 2, 2018  

She served as a school principal in Vestavia and has been at the forefront of educational leadership and innovation for many years.  At a meeting of the Board of Overseers last fall, Dr. Laurendine learned of the work of The Hope Institute (, which is affiliated with our Frances Marlin Mann Center for Ethics and Leadership and the Orlean Beeson School of Education.  The Hope Institute seeks to promote the development of character education in K-12 schools.  Instead of just hearing the report and never giving the matter another thought, Dr. Laurendine decided to lend her support in tangible ways.

Dr. Kara Chism of The Hope Institute offered this beautiful description of the ways that Dr. Laurendine followed up:

Dr. Laurendine has set up meeting with schools administrators, accompanied me on several school site visits, spent time on the phone looking for a venue for one of our Academy sessions, recruited schools for The Academy, has been an amazing sounding board of solid advice as well as attended every Academy session.  In addition to attending the sessions, she arrived early to help set up the materials in the room, stayed after the sessions to ensure all materials were returned to their location, and worked with school leaders during the sessions.  Dr. Laurendine has not only volunteered many hours of her time investing in school leaders; she has also embodied true lifelong learning we can all emulate.

The world is better because of Dr. Alice Laurendine.