Jim Barnette told me last week of one of his former students, Alyson Roth, who was thrown from her passenger seat in a head-on collision in Nevada.  As a result, Alyson was paralyzed from the waist down.  Jim says that, in class one day, he heard another student ask Alyson if she ever prayed that God would perform the miracle of healing so that she might walk again.  "Very casually," Jim says, "Alyson replied, 'Yes, of course.  I pray that often.  But I don't have the time to wait around to see if God will do this for me.  If He does, then great.  But if He does not, I can live with that.  Whatever the case, life is too short for me to let my situation defeat me.  I have work to do on His behalf, and I need to make the most of it, regardless of my circumstances.'"


Alyson lives in California and speaks to various groups about how God has given her life new meaning, despite the challenges.  Her web page is located at http://www.alysonroth.com.


The world is better because of Alyson Roth.