Jonathan Bass, chair of our Department of History, wrote to me last week with this update on one of our bright undergrads:


“I thought you might be interested in knowing that the American Journalism Historical Association (AHJA)--the national organization for this field--is holding its annual meeting in Birmingham next week.  Dr. Julie Williams has done a fine job in serving as local host and program director.  I'm most excited that one of our undergraduates, Haley Aaron ( a History/JMC major) will be presenting on the CBS documentary "Who Speaks For Birmingham?"  In a joint presentation, Haley and I will be analyzing the people in, and the content of, the documentary.  She is the authority on the film--I'm just along for the ride.  Haley will be doing her senior thesis in history next semester on the people in the film (she has already done extensive research on the documentary), including the Howard College students.  Having one our undergraduates presenting at the most prestigious national organization in the field is a testament to her fine scholarly work. It also speaks volumes about the commitment to undergraduate research in the Howard College of Arts & Sciences.”


The world is better because of Haley Aaron.