From the father of a new student:


“This past Sunday after church, on a lark, my wife wanted to head up to Samford with my son to check out his dorm room and do some measurements to get ready for August 20 when he has to be there.  I kept telling her that it was Sunday and in the summer and that we probably didn’t have a very good chance to get in.  Still, I was overruled and off we headed.  Upon arrival I felt pretty good when we found Mountain View Dorm locked up and no one around.  Since I had tried to tell everyone that and now it was happening my ego felt pretty good.  Then my son and I spotted a young man walking toward another dorm and I decided to ask him for some help.  He was so thoughtful and helpful.  I told him how we came to be there from Montgomery and he listened and then offered to call a friend of his who got him the number to an RA at another dorm on campus.  I thanked him, not expecting anything to come of it, and then he really impressed me when he told us that he would walk us to the door that (the RA) would be coming to and that he would stay with us until he did arrive!  I know he was busy studying for an exam and had other business but he stopped and took time, that I didn’t expect nor ask for, to help us.  Then this young man talked to us about his experiences at Samford and how he arrived and that he also played football.  He was very intelligent and humble and his manners were super and I could tell that he enjoyed talking to us while we waited.  I can’t remember when I was so impressed with someone for showing such an act of grace.  Within about 10 minutes the RA arrived and let us in and this young man moved off quietly to his destination.  I thanked him and it made me feel that indeed Samford is a special place and I then understood what my wife has so many times tried to tell me.  I arrived back home and for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name, but I did remember his jersey number because I told him I would be at the games this fall and look for him.  I got on Samford and found a roster of players and there he was, #13, Thomas Broussard.  God Bless you, Thomas, for showing me that Samford University is more than just a bunch of buildings on a campus and confirming what I and my whole family have been praying about for so long—that Samford University is where the Lord wanted my son.”


The world is better because of second-mile people like Thomas Broussard.