Michele Haralson of our Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education and Professional Studies sent this message to me on Saturday:

"My husband and I are involved in a homeless ministry and have become friends with people in public housing who do not have transportation.  We try to pick them up once or twice a week so they can just have a change of scenery.  Today I  picked up two of these friends for brunch at Samford.  (The gravy biscuits were a hit, by the way!)  Afterwards, as I was catching up on work in my office, "Julie" found a computer, and "Jim" was staring out the window, watching the Samford football team practice. He asked me, 'Am I allowed to go watch them practice?'

'Of course!' I replied. An hour later, he came back with a smile from ear to ear. 'You've got some really big guys! I think the Bulldogs are gonna be GREAT next year!' A few minutes later he said quietly, 'That's the first time I've ever seen a football team in a real live campus stadium.'"

The world is better because, as Michele said in her closing comments to me, people at Samford "are touching lives even when they don't realize it."