Sometimes it is the small things that make the difference.  Cindy Kennington, from our Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, wrote to me with this story a few days ago:

"Angie Fine, while leaving work for the day, noticed multiple cd’s and books scattered across the faculty/staff parking lot north of Propst Hall.  She gathered them and placed them in her car.  The next day she contacted me to see if anyone had reported them lost, since they were found in the parking lot next to my building.  At first I told her that no one had reported such a loss, but then she mentioned the nature of the cd’s and books (butterflies).  Immediately, I thought of Dr. Howell, Professor Emeritus-Biology since he recently published a book on butterflies.  Dr. Howell confirmed that the items that Angie retrieved were in fact research material.  He was extremely grateful that she went the extra mile to seek out whom the items belonged."


The world is better because our co-workers pause to consider the ways they may help others.