Jim Reburn, Acting Dean of the Brock School of Business, shared this story with me about an employee of RiteWay, the company that provides cleaning services for our facilities:

I remember you once saying that everyone should be on the Samford “welcoming committee."  One of our RiteWay staff members did just that and made a very good impression upon a prospective student-athlete and his parents.  Odessa Wright met the family wandering around in our building late Friday afternoon.  As you might imagine, at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon you can generally shoot a cannon and not hurt anyone.  According to the student's mother, Odessa did a good job selling Samford and making them feel welcome on our campus.  Odessa told the family that Samford is a great place to work.  She went out of her way to bring them up to the third floor to see if anyone was around to talk about our business program.  To say the least, Odessa did more than what her job description calls for.  Our nice visit and discussion of the merits of studying business at Samford may never have occurred if it were not for Odessa's efforts.


The world is better because of Odessa Wright.