Paul Richardson from our School of the Arts, sent this item:

A few days ago, Samford hosted the annual conference of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. More than 200 of these guests stayed in Beeson Woods. One of them left without having retrieved her insulin from the refrigerator in James Hall. When she reached her home in Kentucky on Thursday evening, she realized her situation and sent an e-mail asking for help. The event and housing staff responded quickly, and by 7:30 the next morning Shane Sanders of Rite Way Service had retrieved the package, soon after which Ken England, Director of Event Management and Space Utilization, sent it on its way. Ms. Roberts received it less than 36 hours after sending her message. Her appreciative note concluded: “With gracious thanks to all involved, and gratitude to the Lord who energizes us all.”

The world is better because our people place a high value on service to others.