We are making progress on our strategic priority to engage the global community in learning, faith and service. The Open Doors 2009 Report on International Educational Exchange for the Institute of International Education recorded that 39.2% of that year’s Samford undergraduates had traveled beyond the United States. This ranks Samford near the top of American doctorate-granting universities in percentage of undergraduates engaging in international experiences. (The report is posted at http://opendoors.iienetwork.org/?p=150841.)  Already this year Samford students and faculty have traveled to more than 30 different nations on the six habituated continents, pursuing scholarship, research and humanitarian missions.  We have been honored to welcome a host of international visitors to our campus as well. We envision a day when every student will have at least one international experience to prepare for life in a global market and to help heal the broken places in the world.  

The world is better because of Samford’s global engagement.