Our Story 

From Leslie Chastain, senior accountant in our Business and Financial Affairs division: 


"My young daughter plays soccer and I told her last year after I began working for Samford that the soccer team usually sits close to my table in the cafeteria each day at lunch.  She was so excited and came to lunch with me one day last fall when she was out of school.  She brought her soccer ball in hopes that she could get some of their autographs.  Once we asked the first player for an autograph, that player then sent every player that came in after that to our table.  They all came to my daughter and each asked her about her team and her games.  Colette Nammour then took her ball from her so that she could get the entire team to sign, since only a small number of them had been at lunch that day.  About a week later, Colette met me on campus to hand back the soccer ball that was now COVERED in autographs!  My daughter felt like a queen that day in the cafeteria and is still so proud of her soccer ball a year later.  We went to some of the games and will be going back this year to cheer our Lady Bulldogs to victory on the soccer field." 


The world is better because Samford people are attentive to relationships.