This year the McWhorter School of Pharmacy is relying the support of a 14-year-old student from Holy Family High School as a student assistant.  P. J. Hughes, Assistant Professor at McWhorter, relates a story about what happened after he introduced this "kind, polite, professional, responsible" young lady to the students in his class a few weeks ago, explaining the special curriculum she is taking at Holy Family and her role this year at McWhorter: 

"All 128 students gave her a standing ovation.  I can tell you that this was a life-altering experience for this young lady who, like all of us, yearns to be a part of something special . . . like we have here at Samford and McWhorter School of Pharmacy."   

This story has another chapter.  Last week I received a letter (yes, a letter in an era of e-mail and texting) from the young lady, in which she said, "I am grateful to walk the halls of a college that has high expectations for everyone." 

The world is better because Samford is a place where high expectations lead to standing ovations.