Dr. Peter Hughes from our faculty in the McWhorter School of Pharmacy passed along these comments from Rachel Long, a May MSOP graduate, regarding her Samford experience: 


“I was actually accepted into four other schools along with Samford.  Samford was the last school to accept me, but I remained determined to attend MSOP.  Most of my family was on pins and needles, but I knew MSOP was the right choice for me.  At MSOP it's all about making a difference in patient's lives.  It's not about preparing you for a career to make money, it’s about preparing you to become a leader and a change agent in the field of pharmacy.  MSOP also provides that close knit family atmosphere.  When just one student struggles or suffers, the whole school does with him or her.  The professors and other faculty push every student to achieve higher standards in the profession and though I may have disagreed with some, I never lost respect or admiration for any.  MSOP provides well rounded training in pharmacy practice and creates pharmacists who care.  I am blessed for my time spent here, and hope to represent the school well as I progress through my career.” 


The world is better because of the McWhorter School of Pharmacy.