The most recent infusion of life at Samford—the members of the Class of 2015—assumed ownership of the campus on Friday morning.  Assisted by hundreds of volunteers, their possessions were swept into the residence halls in a matter of minutes, leaving the new students alone with parents, scurrying to put everything in place.  “Talk about a smooth operation,” wrote one relieved parent this weekend, in response to the move-in experience.  Late Friday afternoon, after the program in the Wright Center for new students and parents (designed to be the official moment for mom and dad to head for home), I was returning to my office in Samford Hall when I glanced to the right, seeing a husband and wife, wiping away tears, walking toward the parking lot.  Headed the other direction, only a few steps away, strolling with confidence, was their daughter.  I watched as the daughter embraced a new friend and they began to chat.  I looked back the other direction and saw the parents place their arms around each other, moving ahead.   

It is my prayer this morning that we will merit the trust those parents placed in us, and that we will meet the expectations of their daughter.           

The world is better because of Samford University.