Since his graduation from Samford almost two years ago, Nathan Troost has been using his skills as a videographer to promote our people and programs.  Last week he left the safety of a job at Samford to go fulltime with a not-profit entity that he has created, Lantern Vision.  When I visited with Nathan a few days ago as he was preparing to leave us, I asked him to relate the story of this new adventure.  Here is his account: 


"For me, Lantern Vision is the merging of two great passions God has given me: telling stories through the lens of a camera and striving to glorify Him in everything I do. Almost simultaneously with starting my job at Samford after graduating, I was put in touch with a video producer who had created a national television show called All Over the World. After just one phone conversation, we clicked, and the rest was history. While working at Samford, I was getting more and more involved in this Emmy-nominated, 30-minute reality/documentary show that follows missionaries around the world. 


"Over the last couple years God has used the experience with All Over the World and Samford to form this nonprofit, Lantern Vision. Lantern Vision is essentially an extension of All Over the World. While some missionaries and organizations want a full show featuring the work God is doing through them, others desire shorter promo videos to send to churches and donors, and Lantern Vision exists to provide whatever is best suitable for that organization in bringing glory to God." 


You may learn more about Nathan and Lantern Vision at 


The world is better because of Nathan Troost--and those who taught him at Samford University.