The educational experience at Samford is shaped by our faculty, and many other members of the Samford community play important roles in building upon the work that is done in the classroom.  Jennifer Rahm of our faculty in the Department of Geography wrote to me last week with a snippet from the journal of one of her students in a “Foundations” class.  The student wrote that she was having difficulties in her pre-calculus class and she was studying with friends in anticipation of a quiz the next day. Apparently the friends weren’t providing much help.  A member of our custodial staff overheard the conversation and volunteered his assistance, given the fact that he is a math major at another institution.  (He is working as a custodian to finance his education.)  The young lady said,“After quickly skimming over the section, he knew exactly how to do it.” The end result?  She said that her quiz grade the next day was one of the highest in the class. 

Incidentally, I contacted Sterling Shepherd, our manager with Riteway Services, and he confirmed that the Good Samaritan in the story is Mr. Corey Robinson.  Well done, Mr. Robinson.

 The world is better because of Corey Robinson.