During our traditional "Hanging of the Green" service three weeks ago I was enjoying one of the more complicated and beautiful pieces presented by the University Chorale when Dean Joe Hopkins of our School of the Arts pointed to the name of the composer on the printed program and then gestured quietly toward a young man in the Chorale.  The name on the program was Brian Nabors and the young man in the Chorale was also named Brian Nabors.  When considering the irony that composer and singer shared the same name, I smiled . . . and then I understood that Dean Hopkins was making me aware that the composer was our student, Brian Nabors!

Brian Nabors is a senior composition major at Samford.  He composed this magnificent work and was singing with the Chorale in the premier performance.  He came to Samford from Center Point; his father is pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church and his mother is his musical inspiration.  His compositions have been recognized by the Music Teachers National Association and his piano performance by the Morris Piano Competition.  He is an exceptional talent and student.  

The world has hope because of the birth of the Christ child, and the world is better because Brian Nabors has used his considerable talent to celebrate that birth.