As we approach our May 1 deadline for deposits for the entering class of undergrads, we’re working with hundreds of families. Jim Pounds, Director of the Extension Division for Beeson Divinity School, was representing Samford at a meeting in another city a few nights ago and sent this report to Joe Hopkins, Dean of the School of the Arts, about an encounter with one of our 2012 recruits:

“I stopped to get a quick bite to eat . . . seemed pretty routine until the young lady behind the counter saw my Samford credit card and then she immediately lit up:  ‘Do you work at Samford?  That’s where I want to go to school!  It’s the greatest place in the world!  Their music school is the best!  I’ve been going to their camps and participating in several events for the last year!  I sure hope I get to go there!  I don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else! I’m going to study music education and can’t see myself at any other school!’  This went on and on for quite a while and plenty of folks in the restaurant heard her and could see her expressions.  You can’t buy that kind of advertisement!”  

The world is better because the enthusiasm of new students helps us to remember why we are called to this work.