Our faculty members in the McWhorter School of Pharmacy areactively engaged in teaching, research, and service close to home, but they arealso making a positive difference at points around the globe.  Here’s anupdate from Dean Charlie Sands as several members of our faculty were preparingto leave for Asia earlier this month:

“I, along with Kim Benner, Steve Stricker, Greg Gorman,Michael Hogue, Roger Lander, Bob Schrimsher, PJ Hughes, and Bob Henderson, willattend and make presentations at the Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy(ACCP-12) held in Hong Kong July 5-7. While there Greg Gorman will make apresentation at the Hong Kong Baptist University School of Chinese Medicine anddiscuss possible collaborative research opportunities. Following the ACCPmeeting several of our faculty will travel by hydrofoil boat across the mouthof the Pearl River to the Hope Medical Clinic in Macau (where we send APPEstudents) to visit with Keith Morgan MD, his wife Cindy, and others there. GregGorman and I will fly to Beijing to visit the Beijing University of ChineseMedicine where again Greg will make a presentation and we will discuss possiblecollaborative research. Through attendance at the ACCP meeting in Hong Kong,visiting the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hope Medical Clinic in Macau,and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, we are hoping to promote MSOPand Samford University in Asia and create more opportunities for APPE sites,collaborative research, and the proposed online course in clinical pharmacy.”


The world is better because of Samford’s global involvement.