From Dana Basinger, Assistant Dean of the Howard College of Arts and Sciences:

“This June, 30 high school students from cities throughout the southeast gathered at Samford for our first MD Calling camp.  In an intensive three-day experience, they met with health professionals, toured a hospital, played medical Jeopardy, heard from current medical students and got practical advice about the MCAT, potential majors, writing personal statements and interviewing.  But the goal of the camp was not simply to prepare students to apply for medical school;  it was to discern a calling to the practice of medicine.  One of their counselors, Samford pre-med student Brooke Bailey, described a conversation with one of the students that went late into the night.  ‘She asked me tons of questions about my own faith and passion for people, and eventually, she began tying everything we learned from the camp together. Without MD Calling, this young woman may have never found her personal calling to the medical field. More importantly, however, she learned that her passion to work with people in a medically related way is driven by her faith and love for others. MD Calling not only gave her the information about what it means to be a pre-med and medical student, it opened her eyes to her calling in this world.’”

The world is better because Samford helps people unlock the mysteries of vocation.