Chad Eggleston is a bright Samford graduate, currently serving as Special Assistant to the Provost and Assistant Professor of Religion at Huntingdon College in Montgomery.  He wrote to me to describe this unexpected encounter with another Samford grad:

 “The other day I found myself seated in the dining hall next to Adam Murphy, the assistant director of bands here at Huntingdon. Adam has been doing a very fine job with our marching band for a year and a half now, but for some reason I had not yet discovered that he was a fellow Samford alumnus. Once we made the connection we went on for sometime describing the pride we had in our alma mater, and we even realized that we were both members of the same fraternity. When we wrapped up our conversation I wanted to encourage him in his work, so I told him that Huntingdon was better for his presence. We shared a laugh over the way that phrase had seeped into our consciousness, but it is still true with a minor emendation. The world, including Huntingdon College, are better for Samford.”

The world is better because of Chad Eggleston and Adam Murphy (and the thousands of Samford graduates who have served in higher education throughout the past 170 years).