The staff members in our Office of Institutional Effectiveness, headed by Karen Hamby, are responsible for assembling, slicing,and dicing the ever-growing data required for strategic planning, assessment, accreditation updates, and governmental compliance.  They have a “passion of anonymity” as they approach their work, and we rely heavily on their assistance.  Last week, Ken England, Director of Operations for the Cumberland School of Law, wrote to me of his appreciation for these staffers:

“On Monday I requested data for a meeting on Thursday. The staff members jumped on the project and provided the needed information early! They never complained about their work load (which I know is heavy); they only asked what was needed and went to work locating the information for me.  I am so thankful that we have such a dedicated office that is willing to go the extra mile for other Samford employees.”

The world is better because of the dedicated service of the members of the Samford staff.