Published on May 10, 2018  
Curren Pharmacy

Johnny and Marcy Curren’s Samford story began nearly three decades ago when they met in pharmacy school at Samford University. Both are graduates of the class of 1989 and have now been happily married for 27 years. Johnny is well-known in the Birmingham community as the pharmacy manager at ACIPCO for almost 30 years. On the other hand, Marcy embarked on a relatively new venture opening up her own pharmacy in their hometown of McCalla, appropriately named Curren Pharmacy.

Not only are Johnny and Marcy two of the nicest people you’ll be likely to come across, their appreciation for Samford and how it’s impacted their lives is almost tangible. To make this story even sweeter, their daughter was just accepted to the McWhorter School of Pharmacy with her own plans to carry on their family’s pharmacy tradition.