Spiritual Life Assistants (SLAs) work with the Office of Spiritual life and are committed to serving the students of Samford University.

They do this in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Building personal relationships through invitations to eat, talk, pray, and play together
  • Shuttling students to Target, Publix or Walmart when needed
  • Helping students identify which Birmingham churches they want to visit and how to get to them
  • Organizing study breaks and other events to encourage new and stronger connections among peers
  • Educating students about helpful resources on campus to help students stay successful academically and personally
  • Promoting opportunities for spiritual growth on campus
  • Praying for and with students

Beeson Woods

Photo of J.P. Rooney
J.P. Rooney
My name is J.P. Rooney and I am from Gastonia, NC. I love to be outdoors, chill with friends, play soccer/frisbee/football, and eat. Some things I love about Birmingham are the food, weather, and number of activities offered. I am an SLA because I want to encourage and help others and be a light for Christ. I may be called to ministry, so this is a way to see. God bless and Jesus loves you.
Photo of Kailee Marasco
Kailee Marasco
Hi friends! My name is Kailee Marasco, and I’m from Murfreesboro, TN. My major is Exercise Science, and I am beyond excited to combine my passion for teaching and the medical field as a future physical therapist. I was born and raised for most of my life in southern CA, so never did I ever think I would go to college in the south. But, if you’ve ever seen me around campus, you know that I’m practically doing cartwheels because I am so overjoyed and thankful to be at a place filled with people who love the Lord and seek Him always. It is such an honor to serve all of you precious children of God! I praise Jesus that He directed me on this path to serve for a purpose greater than myself.
Photo of Lauren Wyatt
Lauren Wyatt
My name is Lauren Wyatt, and I’m from Thorsby, AL. Thorsby is a small town in the middle of Chilton County, where the peaches grow! I’ve always been near Birmingham, but it has been so awesome to live here and explore all of the awesome places around Samford. In my free time I love to read, drink coffee, and binge watch shows on Netflix. I wanted to be an SLA because I thought it was an amazing way to not only be involved on campus, but also to invest in all of the wonderful Samford students. I am excited to watch Jesus do big things throughout the course of this school year!


Photo of Brooke Robyck
Brooke Robyck
Hey y’all, my name is Brooke Robyck and I am a sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama. I am a Christian Ministry major with a Business minor. I am so so so excited to serve all of the wonderful ladies in Pittman Hall! I wanted to serve as an SLA to be able to help and equip other girls and share the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ with them. I absolutely love being able to support other girls and pray that I would be able to be a light and a friend to any Pittman girl who needs it! Can’t wait to serve this year!
Photo of Cecilia Field
Cecilia Field
My name is Cecilia Field, and I am a sophmore for Birmingham, Alabama. I have a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Worship Leadership. I love Birmingham because its so diverse and so full of different experiences. I love anything and everything in the Fine Arts, as well as learning about new languages and cultures. I wanted to be an SLA so I could be a listening ear and a comforter for students. I also have a desire to counsel and help others. I want to just be there for students and show them the love of Christ.

Senior SLA/OSL Intern

Photo of Gloria Roy
Gloria Roy
My name is Gloria Roy, I am a Senior Music Education major. I am an international student from India and South Korea. In my past three years at Samford I have been involved with Global Engagement Office, Residence Life and Office of Spiritual Life. I am an extrovert and love people and to hang out with them. I enjoy traveling and have been blessed with opportunities to do missions abroad during my breaks. I look forward to building meaningful relationships and am excited to seek God’s Will in my life.


Photo of Nathan Peace
Nathan Peace
My name is Nathan Peace and I’m a junior from Woodstock, Georgia. I enjoy studying theology, worship, and music as a vocalist, organist, and church musician. One thing I love about Birmingham is the diversity of the kinds of churches and the southern charm that the city has. I am an SLA because I love people and feel called to minister to people in every way I can. I’m really passionate about listening to others’ stories and talking with them about life and faith. This was a great opportunity to be the presence of Christ for fellow Samford students, and I absolutely love it.
Photo of Parker Freedman
Parker Freedman
My name is Parker Freedman, and I am a sophomore from Clearwater, Florida. I am apart of Dogma, Samford’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, and I also work for the broadcast services for Samford Athletics as we broadcast our sports to ESPN3, ESPN+, and the SoCon Digital Network. I chose to be an SLA because I feel like I am called to full time ministry, and who better to minister to than the people I am in constant living conditions with! Part of the Great Commission says, ”therefore and make disciples of all the nations,” but I am not currently called into the different nations, I am called to be a SLA here and be the light in a dark place. I am passionate to serve others and I want the opportunity to serve others constantly and be a true light of Jesus on campus!

Transfer & Commuter

Photo of Christen Bustillos
Christen Bustillos
Hello! My name is Christen Bustillos, and I am Senior from Bedford, Texas. I love to travel and read. My favorite thing about moving to Birmingham would be that I can always find something new to do because the city is huge. I became an SLA so that could continue to fulfill Matthew 28:18, to create intentional relationships with students, and to be there for the community of Samford because they have already given so much to me.


Photo of Ashley Pope
Ashley Pope
My name is Ashley Pope, and I’m from Alabaster, Alabama. Even though I’ve lived near Birmingham all of my life, I’m constantly being introduced to new places to visit and explore, and I love it! In my spare time, I love singing, cross-stitching, and spending time with friends and family while eating Mexican food. I felt called to be an SLA because I believe growing spiritually is one of the most important -and challenging- aspects of college life. I also genuinely love caring and being an listening ear for others. I knew being an SLA would open up opportunities for God to use me to minister to others and help them through this wonderful adventure we call college.
Photo of Ashton Dutton
Ashton Dutton
My name is Ashton Dutton. I’m from Calera, AL which is right before the big peach on I65 going to the beach. I’ve lived in several different cities around Birmingham, because my dad is a pastor, but I’ve never explored Birmingham as much as I have during my time at Samford. I really love kids and dogs, and driving around with friends listening to music and laughing. I wanted to be an SLA because the Lord really laid it on my heart to minister to the freshmen girls. I'm in my second year serving as a freshmen SLA, and I love every minute of loving and serving these girls!
Photo of Olivia Frost
Olivia Frost
Hi there, my name is Olivia Frost, and I am from Concord, NC. I’m a sophomore, majoring in Exercise Science and serving other people holds a special place in my heart. I really enjoy seeing others thrive and be at their best, so anything I can do to help others get there I try my best to do. I enjoy intentional conversations, making lasting memories and taking time to just hang out and laugh with my family and friends. I chose to be an SLA this year because I felt God leading me to invest more in other’s lives, specifically the freshman girls on Samford’s campus. I’m thankful for the community God has provided for me on this campus, and I hope I can spread the love of Christ I’ve received to those on this campus that truly need it!

West Campus

Photo of Kathleen Bass
Kathleen Bass
I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I love calligraphy and hot tea. I spent this past summer on a mission trip to Melbourne, Australia, which solidified my passion and calling in ministry. I am so excited to be an SLA and be able to encourage girls I might not get to know otherwise.
Photo of Kenley Berry
Kenley Berry
My name is Kenley Berry and I'm from Austin, Texas. I like to call myself a coffee connoisseur and hugs are my favorite. Even though I'm a native Texan, the south has taken my heart! I love Birmingham, AL and my goal one day is to live in Chattanooga, TN. I wanted to be an SLA because I have a heart for people, listening to their story and guiding them to where they need to go. Within this position, I'm excited to be a light for others and serve for not only God's Kingdom but the amazing community here at Samford! 

West Village

Photo of Sam Obi
Sam Obi
My name is Sammy Obi and I am from Jonesboro, Georgia. I love to play basketball and workout. I also like to spend time reading and writing. One thing I like about Samford is the variety of organizations on campus. There's a place for anyone and everyone, that's why I chose to a Spiritual Life Assistant. I love people, and I want to help people find their place at Samford. God blessed me with a servant's heart and I want use my position to serve and bless others.
Photo of Victoria Stephens
Victoria Stephens
Hi! My name is Victoria Stephens and I am a sophomore from Cumming, Georgia. I love to listen to all kinds of music as well as spend time outside hiking. I am majoring in Nursing with the hopes of working with infants and children someday soon! I am so thrilled to be an SLA this year because I have a passion to serve and give back. Whether it is through missions or through building intentional relationships with the people around me, I find peace and joy knowing that I am doing what the Lord has called me to do!  

Become an SLA

Each spring, applications for SLA positions are submitted through banner and reviewed by OSL staff. Candidates are interviewed and selected no later than mid April and begin their term of service the week before classes begin the following fall. SLA’s serve from August – May.

If you are interested in learning more about the SLA position, contact any of the current SLA’s or April Robinson alrobins@samford.edu.