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A Life of Witness as Wide as the Love of God
When Andy Westmoreland was inaugurated in 2006, he spoke boldly about his vision for a Christ-centered university. Rejecting the dichotomy between sacred and secular, he believed that this goal could be accomplished without sacrificing the highest standards of academic rigor.
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Westmoreland Era Fosters Significant Growth in Academic Programs
Since 2006, Samford University has seen substantial growth of its academic programs, especially at the graduate level. Many of the new additions are a response to the evolving needs and interests of students and professionals.
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Putting People First
In Andrew Westmoreland’s 15 years as president of Samford University, the last 12 have been marked by consecutive record enrollment.
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Respect Everyone
From the thousands of T-shirts, buttons, posters, socks and, yes, even a pair of shoes with Dr. Westmoreland’s face on them, it is hard not to recognize Samford’s president on campus. But why is his face everywhere? I can assure you, he didn't do this himself. Students did.
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The Growth of the Campus Footprint
Gracing a wooded hillside in suburban Birmingham, Samford is known for its strikingly beautiful campus. Among its most imposing structures are facilities completed and named during Westmoreland's presidential tenure.
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A Cornerstone of Collaboration
The establishment of Samford’s College of Health Sciences transforms and expands the university’s approach to health care education.
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Expanding Our Global Reach
The Westmorelands came to Samford with an understanding of the transformative power of intercultural engagement and the personal experience to help guide it. They found thriving programs focused on Europe, the Americas and the United Kingdom, but they were keen to lead Samford into the Asian Century.
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Embracing Our Differences
In pursuit of racial reconciliation, Shelley Stewart, a Birmingham businessman and the founder of o2 ideas, and Andrew Westmoreland, the 18th president of Samford University, first turned to friendship.
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The Growth of Diversity Programs and Initiatives
During Westmoreland's presidency, a number of a new programs and initiatives emerged to increase diversity, equity and inclusion among the Samford community.
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How God Used One Scholarship Recipient to Change the Lives of Many
Jeanna Westmoreland knows firsthand the impact of scholarships. Not too many years ago, she was an aspiring college student in need of financial assistance to pursue her educational dreams. Deeply grateful for the help she received, Jeanna has had a lifelong calling to pay forward the blessing.
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Developing Champions, On and Off the Field
Over the past 15 years, Samford student-athletes have won 56 regular-season, tournament or divisional conference titles while maintaining high standards of academic performance. At Samford, we work together to equip student-athletes for success—both on and off the field.
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An Enduring Impact on Philanthropy
Andrew Westmoreland began his higher education career working in advancement at his alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University. During his subsequent tenure as president of Ouachita and, later, Samford, he never got away from those roots.