Samford University's Presidential Search Committee met Jan 23 and issued the following update from co-chairs Beth Thorne Stukes and Tim Vines.

"This meeting of the presidential search committee was a time of concentrated and prayerful conversation as we continue to review the qualifications of a small pool of exceptional candidates," according to the co-chairs. "Today, all members of the search committee engaged in transparent and open dialog seeking to prayerfully discern the unique attributes that equip each candidate to be the next president of Samford University."

The committee is charged with seeking a successor to President Andrew Westmoreland, who has announced his plan to retire June 30. Westmoreland has served as Samford's president since 2006.

"Each nomination and application has been carefully reviewed by all members of the search committee," the co-chair statement continued. "We are united in our belief that we have arrived at the appropriate prospects to advance in the process of further investigation and engagement.

"While we are aware of the date of President Westmoreland's announced retirement, we also remain committed to conducting this search in a way that best serves Samford's interest and taking the time necessary to complete the search with all due diligence.

"As this process enters a new phase, we ask for the continuing prayers of all who hold Samford dear as we advance toward the time when our university constituent review panels will enter the conversation."