Historians pose important questions about our world and search for deep explanations. History majors learn to think critically, to research well, and to communicate effectively. Every other academic discipline depends on historical explanations for their work. The history major has long been the choice of undergraduates seeking to develop a well-informed, sophisticated understanding of the world around us.

History classes at Samford are taught by award-winning teachers and acclaimed scholars. Our majors are on the leading edge of undergraduate research at Samford, connecting our campus to the community and the wider world.

Nancy Lipham
"I enjoyed not only the subject matter I studied but also the professors and the interaction between them and the students. When I left Samford I felt I was leaving my second home." Nancy Lipham - Senior Vice President, Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors

A history major prepares students for a broad range of careers and graduate degrees. Skills in research, critical thinking, and communication are valued by employers in many fields.



Photo Convicts and guard, Oglethorpe County, Georgia-- Jack Delano (LOC)

Homecoming Course Preview Will Address Prison Experience

The course and preview, with a strong sociological emphasis, will provide historical and literary context, and explore the problems within the criminal justice system, especially as they relate to race and social class.  

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Photo Bryan Stevenson signs a copy of his book, Just Mercy, for Davis Lecture namesake Roderick Davis

To Make Change, Stevenson Says, Get Close to Marginalized Communities

Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson electrified and inspired an audience of almost 2,000 in Samford University’s Wright Center Concert Hall Oct. 4. 

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Photo Fulbright Scholar Anders Holm discusses N.S.F. Grundtvig

From Copenhagen to the White House: Fulbright Scholar Holm Traces Influence of N.S.F. Grundtvig

Holm introduced his audience to the man who has 25,000 published pages to his credit, many times that in unpublished work, and surprising influence throughout the world 

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