Human Development and Family Science Concentrations

In addition to the general human development and family science major, concentrations in child development education, child life and gerontology are available.

Child Development Education Concentration: This concentration focuses on the development and education of young children from infancy through Pre-K. Students in this concentration receive education and experience in order to prepare them for work in early childhood settings as a teacher and/or administrator. Special emphasis is given to the importance of family involvement during this most crucial time of development. This concentration is a collaboration between the departments of Human Development and Family Life Education and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. 
Child Life Concentration: This concentration may interest students who desire to work in a medical setting to provide emotional support and coping strategies for children and their families facing short- and long-term hospital and other health care related issues. Upon completion of this concentration, students will submit their coursework for review to the Child Life Council, as well as pass a certification exam to become a Certified Child Life Specialist. For more information regarding certification, please visit  
Gerontology Concentration: Due to the rapid growth of the aging population, this concentration prepares students to provide services and research for those in the later stages of life. Special emphasis is placed upon how aging affects the individual as well as the family system. Caregiving is an important service that families provide for their loved ones as well to the larger society. Professionals with a gerontology background can help individuals and their families through the successful transition required during this stage of life.