Dr. Clara Gerhardt


Gerhardt, Clara

Contact Information

Email: cegerhar@samford.edu
Phone: 726-2151
Office: Orlean Bullard Beeson Hall 127

Biographical Information

Dr. Clara Gerhardt is a clinical psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified family life educator. She coauthored a leading textbook on parenting, published by Pearson, which is in its 9th edition. Other publications include an earlier book, two book chapters and over 120 articles in the popular press. She documented the history of family therapy in a book chapter. She writes Perspectives, a regular column, for a publication of the National Council on Family Relations. She has presented in over 150 invited and peer-reviewed presentations nationally and internationally. She has held positions as chair of the department of family studies and chair of a State Board of Examiners in Psychology. Dr. Gerhardt is the product of three continents, has professionally presented on six continents, has visited over 60 countries and speaks five languages fluently.

Ph.D. Psychology, Uversity of South Africa
M.B.A. Business Administration, Samford University
M.A. Clinical Psychology, University of Pretoria
B.A. Triple Major: Psychology, French and German, University of Pretoria
Licensed Psychologist (Clinical)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE)
National Council on Family Relations, Certified Family Life Educator National Award, 2013
Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology: Recognition for Outstanding Service, 2013 and 2009
OBB School of Education & Professional Studies: Outstanding Scholarship Award, 2012
Alabama Germany Partnership: Significant Educational and Cultural Contributions Award, 2007
Birmingham Urban League: Promoting Multicultural Understanding Award, 2005
Bigner, J. & Gerhardt, C. (2014). Parent-Child relations: an introduction to parenting. 9thed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.  Two editions of this textbook:USA as well as international edition.
Contributing editor of Network: CFLE in Context, a publication by the National Council on Family Relations (2011 to present)
International editorial board: New Voices in Psychology: University of South Africa
A previous book, two book chapters and over 120 articles in the popular press, including over a dozen peer reviewed academic publications.   
Presentations at over 150 invited and peer-reviewed presentations nationally and internationally.
Finn, D. & Gerhardt, C. (2013). Strategies for teaching students with Autism:  A procedure for coping with Hyperacusis. Conference on Special Education. Liberec, Czech Republic.
Ford, C.,Gerhardt, C. & Chapman, D. (2012). Teaching the present by referencing the past: Historical architecture and problem based learning. International Conference: PBL- ABP. Pan American Network.Cali Colombia.
Ford, C.,Gerhardt, C. & Chapman, D. (2012). Enhancing problem solving in architectural design through experiential learning.3. International PBL Symposium. Republic Polytechnic, Singapore.