About Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education offers three distinct majors—ESEC (early  childhood/early childhood special education/elementary/elementary collaborative), English, and history—all leading to a bachelor of science in education. Teacher certification  is available in the combined ESEC program for grades P-3 (early childhood  education and early childhood special education) and grades K-6 (elementary education  and elementary collaborative education), and in secondary education for  grades 6-12 (English and history). In addition, the department offers P-12 certification  in world languages and music for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in those  respective departments. The department also offers a minor in missions education,  which is available only to students pursuing a teaching certificate.

Each program in teacher education complies with teacher certification requirements prescribed by the Alabama State Department of Education. Certification requirements outlined by the Alabama State Department of Education differ  slightly from traditional Arts and Sciences majors and must be followed exactly.  For example, a bachelor of science in education with a major in English (ENGD) prepares students to teach not only English, but also speech and theatre at the secondary school level. The ENGD major includes a language arts component, with requirements in communication studies, journalism, and theatre, in addition to English and education. The bachelor of science in education with a major in history (HISD) includes a social science component, with requirements in economics, geography, and political science in addition to history and education. Information about other programs may be obtained from the department chair or advisement counselor. Students planning to earn certification in secondary education must come to the Orlean Bullard Beeson (OBB) School of Education and Professional Studies at the beginning of the freshman year for advisement.

The teacher education department was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as being one of the top four effective teacher preparation programs in the nation. All certification programs offered through the teacher education department are aligned with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001.