Tuition and Fees

For the official listing of our tuition and fees, visit the Bursar's Office.

Less than 12 credits, more than 21 credits, per credit per semester $1,397
12-21 credits, per semester $17,191
Tuition deposit $500
Application fee $50
Campus life fee, each term $100
Campus life fee (PM4), each term $25
Pharmacy lab supplies, annual each student $325
PHRX473 course fee $50
PHRX458 course fee $30
Drug screening fee, annual each student $80
P4 experiential course fee, select sites $1,000
PM4 only, 7th PHRX 600-level experiential course, fall semester $1,250
PHRX468 course fee, varies by section up to $4,000
Health insurance premium, per semester (unless waiver appropriately submitted) $697