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Dominique's story

Dominique's story

Dominique: My Story

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Dominique Rafting Do you ever wonder how God can know you better than yourself? Well, when it comes to my adventure to becoming a Samford Bulldog, my story is definitely that: God having a better plan for me. 

I'm an athlete. Equestrian, soccer, track, cheerleading, and lacrosse, you name it, and I probably played it. During my junior year, I discovered a school with an equestrian program and thought about possibly going to ride on their team. I applied very early in the process; yet despite all my academic and extracurricular activities and achievement, I was deferred.(Great, neither a no or a yes...devastated? Absolutely.) 

About two months later, Samford found me. My best guy friend's parents had gone there, so I heard of the name but did not know a lot about it. David Pressley came to my school, and I had a really nice talk with him. All of a sudden it clicked, God spoke through DP and gave me the feeling like I was supposed to go there. Something was calling my name!

I applied the October date and was accepted in November! How awesome is that! Thanks to the phenomenal preview days, amazing admissions staff, and incredible professors who met with me, I chose to make Samford my home. This community is amazing and so loving. I cannot wait to see what becomes of my life and this campus over the next four years.

In love and life, 


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