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2012 Follow a freshman

Matt: My Story

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My name is Matt Carrick, and the way I ended up at Samford is actually a pretty neat story.  I am from Charlotte, NC and had honestly never heard of Samford until Spring Break of my junior year.  I played football in high school and thought that I was going to play in college.  So, during part of that break, my family and I went to visit several colleges.  I visited some Division II and some Division III schools for football, and I also visited some big state schools for backup.  While talking to the football coach at one of the schools, I mentioned how faith was important to me.  He then told me that he played football and coached a little at Samford, which he said is a Christian university.  On our way to the next school, we took an hour and a half detour just to check out Samford. 

When I arrived, I was amazed.  I had visited over 10 schools within the last year, from large state schools to tiny liberal art schools, and this place was by far the nicest campus.  After walking around, I knew Samford would now be on my list.  When we got home, we (mostly my mom) did more research. The more she told me about it, the more I grew to love it. 

Late in my decision process, I was down to two schools: one tiny D3 school where I could play football and Samford where I would just focus on academics.  After spending a night in the dorms at both campuses and attending a class at each, I knew for a fact that Samford was where I wanted to be.  Despite the fact that I would miss football, I just felt that Samford had everything I needed and more.  Everybody was always so nice and so respectful. Everything on campus seemed like it was made with the students in mind. 

Samford is definitely a place where I felt confident that I could grow in my faith throughout college.  All in all, Samford just felt like the perfect college to me, and God made sure everything worked out between scholarship money, my roommate assignment, and my class schedule.  I am just extremely blessed and so happy that I can call Samford University my home for the next four years.

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