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Worship Leadership: education outside of the classroom

kara_worshipIf you've read my previous blog posts, you know that the Lord has given me a passion for worship leadership. At the beginning of the year, I began to pray that the Lord would open doors for me to serve not only on Samford's campus but also in the greater Birmingham community.

During the FreshMin Retreat, I learned about different ways to get plugged in on campus, specifically about University Ministries and leadership positions within each ministry. I emailed one of the leaders for more information and then got involved.

I now am on a worship leadership rotation with one of the ministries on campus. I've had the opportunity to lead and plan worship sets alongside a community with a similar heart and vision. One thing that has been really cool about it is that not only am I in a service position, but I also am learning about each aspect of worship leadership. Considering what I feel the Lord is calling me to do with my life, I feel as if this is another aspect outside of the "academic side" of school to further my education and shape me for my future. One week I am helping with audio, the next with slides... etc. I have found it helpful to learn about all aspects of worship leadership. 

It has been such an overwhelming experience to be able to worship with the community here at Samford. Most days, I forget that I am even a "freshman." So many individuals (upperclassmen) have befriended me and been intentional with me. I love how we all can join together, as one church and one body of Christ for fellowship and to sing praises to God. 

In conclusion, I want to make sure you know that leadership opportunities are definitely open for you! For those who are interested in being involved with spiritual life, there are countless opportunities. For those who wish to lead, to serve, or simply to observe, opportunities are here. I love being a part of a university that I can be poured in to, but also serve and pour into others as well as live/share the gospel of Jesus. 

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