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Sorority Recruitment

 recruitmentI always knew going into college that I wanted to get involvedin Greek Life and join a sorority. I knew that it would be a great way for me to get involved and to meet and make connections with a ton of new people! I was so excited when the time finally came to prepare for Recruitment Weekend. I didn't know a whole lot about how the process worked going into it but thankfully the entire process was extremely smooth.  

A few weeks before the actual Recruitment Weekend, I was placed in a group with several other girls, which would be led by two upperclass girls, called Rho Gamma leaders. They were there to basically guide us through the process and be there for us in any way that they could. They had been through Recruitment previously so they knew exactly what we were going through. Both of them were such a blessing in my Recruitment experience! 

I wasn't nervous about Recruitment until the actual weekend came, and I know I was not the only one anxious. The first night was the most casual out of all the rounds, and I just really enjoyed getting to talk to the girls in all the sororities and learn a little about them as a group. This night every girl went to every house. After each round, I went and ranked the houses that I had been back to. On Saturday, I was extremely nervous when getting my card that would tell me where I would be invited back. Each girl could be invited back to a maximum of 3. I was pleased with my options and was excited to go back and discover more about the awesome girls I had gotten a glimpse of the previous night. The second night, we were required to get a little more dressed up. Getting ready on Saturday was an ordeal in my room because even though I had to get ready for my evening, Samford football was playing an out of town game, and it was a must that I listened to the game online while getting ready. I loved getting to go back to some of the houses, and I left feeling even more excited for the last night. This night was the most serious and formal out of all three nights. This is when I truly felt a connection to a certain sorority, and I became emotional which was something I did not expect at all! I just felt such love towards a certain group of girls and knew that their house is where I wanted to be. 

Bid Day was filled with much anticipation and excitement. I had to wait ALL DAY LONG…..or until around 5:30 to get that all so important, beautiful and suspenseful envelope that held my bid. All the girls who had a bid gathered in the Wright Center. On the count of 3 we all opened our bid cards at the same time. Now, cue the squeals! Bid Day is known as Squeal Day here on campus, and now I know why! We were all just so excited!! We all ran out of the Wright Center to our new sisters who welcomed us with signs, shirts, hugs and of course tons of squeals! It is a day that I will never forget. 

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