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Jan Term: journeying across the pond

janterm2"Jan Term." For those of you thatfind this term unfamiliar, no worries, I did too during high school years. 

One thing I really love about Samford is the fact that we get a 6-week winter break, when most schools have 3 to 4 weeks. During this break, there are 3 weeks of what we call "Jan Term." Basically, you can take a class in a 3-week time span and receive full credit. Some do this to get ahead, catch up, or make other semesters easier. However, a lot of students, you will find, use this time to travel! Samford has countless destinations chosen to take students on exploratory learning adventures. Rome, Costa Rica, and London are just a few awesome examples. The majority of students who participate find this experience to be truly life changing and the best trip they have ever taken. 

Although I did not travel with Samford or take a class on campus, I did travel with my family! We spent 2 weeks in London and Paris; what an experience it was! I was so thankful for more time with my sweet family before beginning another semester in college. We had an adventurous trip that was thoroughly enjoyed! While we were in London, we were able to see the Daniel House, the home that Samford owns and houses students while studying in London throughout the year. The house was very cozy and in a wonderful part of London! We also got to meet up with some friends from Samford that were studying. From beautiful sites, captivating history, and interesting food, I'd say the trip was a success. 

If you decide to apply and enroll at Samford University, I would encourage you to keep this opportunity in the back of you mind. At some point, I would recommend traveling and getting a bigger picture of the world that is outside of our own small piece. What greater way to do that than going through an incredible program with wonderful friends? 

And hey, now that you know what the term "Jan-Term" means, you're a step closer to being an official college student!

Grace & Peace,


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