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Birmingham: a new home to explore

 cityscapeIf you have read my previous posts, you know that I absolutely love Samford. I love the community at Samford and the service opportunities that I have been given. However, one thing I have not talked about is my love for the city. Growing up in small town Mississippi, I was a little nervous about moving to such a big city (big for me, at least). The idea of highways, interstates, and countless malls made me hesitant; but with the trust and guidance of Christ, I made the move here. I have fallen absolutely in love with Birmingham, Alabama.
Here are a few things I would like to share with you about it! Instead of trying to make it all flow in one big paragraph, I'll save you some reading time and make bullets.
  • CHURCHES: I've gotten involved in a church and am incredibly thankful for the precious families and new friends I have met. There are so many churches around town, so Samford gives all of the freshmen a booklet of churches with a short paragraph of information and directions to get there, which has been helpful in deciding where to plug in!
  • CONCERTS: I feel like concerts are countless here. Just this week I went to a Ben Rector concert with my brother, Kyle, that was in a location only 15 minutes away from campus. Birmingham is one of the hot spots for big artists to come; being a music freak, I LOVE that. 
  • FOOD: One of my favorite aspects would most definitely have to be the endless amount of restaurants. Of course, the popular chains are delicious, but I like to discover the hidden local places more than anything. From heavy meals to light salads, Birmingham knows how to cook some good food for sure. 
  • NATURE: Birmingham is a beautiful city. The hills and trees hold my heart, as odd as that may sound. From beautiful running trails, to creeks, bike trails, hiking spots, and rock climbing spots, I can confidently tell you that if you like the outdoors, you will also fall in love with this city. 
runningI hope you can see how great this city and will make it a point to come visit. Maybe you'll end up going to the $1 theater that is nearby, or to "Air Walk," a building full of trampolines. Maybe you'll simply find yourself taking a shopping spree at one of the malls. Whatever your interests may be, you will find satisfaction here. 
You can make this city feel as big or as small as you wish. There are small towns all within Birmingham where I escape to remind myself of home. It is very nice to be able to go anywhere and do anything at anytime and explore. 
For those of you that will be enrolling at Samford, I encourage you more than anything to get off campus and explore this city. Samford is WONDERFUL, and the location of Samford makes things even better. 
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