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Meet McClain McKinney!

My name is McClain McKinney and I have the opportunity to blog about my Samford freshman experience. Before I start sharing my new experiences I want to share with you how I got to be where I am now.

I spent thirteen years at a college preparatory school in Marietta, Georgia called Walker. They helped to shape and mold me in so many different ways to prepare me for my college experience.Our legendary college counselors are some of the best in the business, making sure we got a jump start by encouraging us to look at the different schools that would lead to our "best fit." When I was in the eighth grade my friend and I went on our first college visit to a small Baptist school in Homewood, Alabama. It was a crisp fall day when we arrive on campus, and our tour began of the school starting with a life size statue. We were met by many smiling faces and an equal amount of squirrels. When our tour guide asked us what grade we were in, my mom interjected saying we were freshmen in high school. I was so embarrassed because we had not only lied to a Baptist college, but what if by chance I were to even go there!

Time went by and the awkward middle school days turned into glorious high school, and I continued my college visits. Every college I visited I always compared it to Samford. No other university seemed to stack up to what Samford had to offer me. The students may not have passed my smile test (when you pass by someone and acknowledge them, whether they reciprocate or not), or whether I could feel God's presence at a school or not. It was the things you didn't see on paper that made the difference for my college decision.

I treated my college process much like a business. Whenever I went into a college fair, I would always walk in dressed to impress, being sure to leave a memorable impression for the admission representatives. When I knew Samford was going to be at the college fairs, I always made a point to talk to Larry Kloess,Molly McGuire, or Erin Ramsey. Over time it wasn't just another awkward conversation with an admission counselor, but rather an actual relationship where I knew them on a more personal level. By the time I was a junior Erin Ramsey was my admissions counselor and she made a world of difference when it came to my decision of Samford. From the times we would chat in Walker's college counseling office about my next step in admission process, to our discussing our home lives over coffee, Erin became one of my most valuable assets for my coming to Samford.

When the letters started rolling in senior year of high school God just kept directing me, closing some doors, but opening only more toward Samford. My heart had been set on Samford since when I was in the eighth grade, and imagining myself anywhere else at this point seemed irrational. When Samford awarded a scholarship, I knew God had something much bigger in store than just going to the greatest university. May first, college decision day, I could not have been more proud to be sporting my Samford shirt. Already at Samford, I have found everything I could imagine and so much more.From the breathtaking amount of beautiful young ladies, to the swing dancing on Friday nights in the Wright Center, having group study sessions in our hammocks, and the constant worship of God that I see from the community, I am proud to be a Samford bulldog.
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